The Lehrnerhof

The Lehrnerhof is situated in the middle of flat meadows and woods with stunning panoramic views of the Dolomites at 1.360 meters.


Even the poet J.W. Goethe made some statements about the heavenly comfort, sitting at a table and eating cheese. The “Lehrnerhof” is well known for its delicious milk products.

If the best comes from above, then the same is true for excellent cheeses, because the Lehrnerhof in Deutschnofen is 1.360 meters above sea level near the village center.

Stefan Köhl has created a good foothold by processing his own milk and making high-quality cheese specialties. Stefan Köhl is a trained cheese maker and has already received awards for his work at the "International Cheese Festival". A good education, love and commitment of the whole family provide their success.

Stefan Köhl

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