„Näckler Schüttelbrot (a special kind of bread)“

Tradition and fine ingredients are the basics for high quality products


The bakery Näckler is now in the hands of its third generation. In 1920 Hans Näckler senior started with the lease of a small bakery operation in Welschnofen.

In 1950 he built his own bakery. At that time very few breads were being baked. Starting with a village bakery, master-baker Näckler Hans Junior and his wife Marianne expanded their range steadily. Since 1964 the “Schüttelbrot” has been prepared. From the very beginnings boss Hans Näckler put great emphasis on quality and tradition.

In 1990 he handed his business over to his two sons Erwin and Arnold Näckler. In 1996 the brothers split: Erwin took over the fresh bread production and Arnold specialized in the production of “Schüttelbrot”.

The separation was primarily to improve quality. Arnold Näckler adopted the principles of his father: tradition and fine ingredients as the basics for high quality products. These are still the main stays of the corporate philosophy of “Näckler Schüttelbrot”.

Exclusively high quality ingredients are used for the production of “Schüttelbrot” and according to the old tradition it is still made by hand.

The production in this way is very time consuming and requires a lot of skills.

But it is the only way of preparing this special kind of bread with its uniqueness in taste and consistency. Originally only one type of “Schüttelbrot” was prepared.

Arnold Näckler then extended the range with four more varieties: “Schüttelbrot” with onion, “Schüttelbrot” with whole grains and sesame, “Schüttelbrot” with hot pepper, garlic and fine herbs and organic-“Schüttelbrot”.

The boss himself and his staff are constantly striving to maintain the quality of their

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