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From Carezza lake to Mitterleger

Uphill: 684 m
Panorama: 3 
Condition: 2 
Difficulty: 1 
Start: Matzhof

This walk takes you to the mysterious places in the foothills of Latemartürme. This wild rocky landscape has always inspired the imagination of both residents and those of the hikers. Thus bringing here e.g. Karl May in the romantic landscape at Karerpass inspiration for his adventure novels, and Agatha Christie was one of her crime novels in the rock maze play the maze. The mining (iron oxides), whose traces are still there, and the natural beauty of the Carezza did the rest, to give rise to many legends here.

Itinerary: Matzhof, than on route 7 to the Hotel Adler. From here on route 10 and 10A to Lake Carezza (1520 m). On forest road No. 11 to Mitter Leger (1840 m). This opportunity to continue the hike No. 12 (Agatha Christie way).

Difficulty: easy hike

Vertical Drop: 684 m

Walking time: from Matzhof to Mitter Leger and back: 6-7 hours

Refreshments: no Refreshments, meals take