Campanili cable-supported climbing trail on the Latemar

Duration: 8h 0min
Uphill: 1101 m
Panorama: 4 
Condition: 2 
Difficulty: 2 
Start: Chairlift Oberholz - Obereggen

A long tour over the western Dolomites, with awe-inspiring scenery – in part along a cable-supported trail and past bizarre rock formations.
Ascend with the Oberholz Panorama Chair Lift. Ascend via Trail 18 to the Gamsstall Notch. Continue via Trail 516 until you come to the Erzlahn Notch and the Rotlahn Notch. This is the entranceway to the cable-supported trail. You can now proceed via Trail 511, always following the cable, until you come to the summit of the Diamantidi Tower (2,846 meters above sea-level). From the summit, continue on Trail 511 until you come to the Bivacco Mario Rigatti, which is located in the Great Latemar Notch. Here, take a right turn via Trail No. 18 and hike back to the Gamsstall Notch and then return to the Oberholz Mountain Station.