Eggental Rosengarten -Latemar

The bike region between Bozen and the Dolomites

The places Deutschnofen and Welschnofen are the main locations in the holiday region Rosengarten Latemar. Located in the back area of the Eggental, about 20 km from Bozen, this region is accessible on the state road SS 241, better known as the Dolomite Road.

The wide area around the Karer Lake, which extends with its alpine meadows and alpine forests to the mountain massif of Rosengarten, Latemar and Karerpass, is the centerpiece of the bike region . The unique scenic location in the heart of the Dolomites and the perfect conditions make the area extremely attractive in summer or winter. The ski lifts are also used by bikers in summer to overcome a portion of the altitude and reach up to the majestic peaks of the Dolomites.

In the evening the walls of the rose garden are enlightened with a glaring red light. According to the legend, this is a remnant of the magnificent gardens of King Laurin, of which Dietrich defeated the beautiful garden with a curse and made it invisible during the day and at night. He only forgot the evening hours, just before sunset. That is why we can still admire the spectacle of nature at sunset today.


Rosengarten Latemar - first mountainbike region of South Tyrol

The perfect biking area par excellence: single trails at the feet of the Dolomites, biker-friendly rest stops in the middle of wide mountain areas, a bike school with bike guides, freeride tours and enjoying cappuccinos in Bozen are part of the program each day.
Lovely trails, stunning nature and hospitable people are some of the highlights that characterize the region Rosengarten-Latemar. Anyone who is planning their bike holiday should consult the “Pedaliero” travel special "Dolomites" in advance.
The Dolomites are simply something special. Between nobby tires and single trails you may encounter warlocks, dwarf kings,... Also on narrow tires through the Dolomites.
There are no flat routes. Anyone planning their roadbike vacation here, should have been training already, so that roadcycling in the region Rosengarten-Latemar will remain
an unforgettable experience.

Advanced cyclists will find a variety of panoramic tours in the Dolomites mountains Rosengarten and Latemar. The three passes Nigerpass, Karerpass and Lavazépass are the highlights of the region and need to be defeated. Not far away we find more mountain passes such as the Val Gardena and Sellajoch on the famous Sella Ronda.
Less trained cyclists can also take bike taxis and public transport to enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Dolomites.

Mountain Experience for Families
There are no classic bike paths in this region. But many lifts and alternative routes on forest roads make many challenging mountainbike tours also suitable for trekking bikes.

Even the well-known Latemar-Tour can be managed through appropriate tracks and alternatives by families with children. Thanks to the local bike guides it will be a memorable experience for everybody.

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